As a career consultant I’ve spent most of my life at the ‘top end of town’, helping large clients tame the complexity of their organisations.  Operational efficiency, cost take out and  risk management are typically the order of the day.  So when an opportunity arose to witness the creation of a new business venture, I leapt at it.

I’ve been invited to document the Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation course taught to MBA students at the Melbourne Business School.

So over the next few months I hope to capture something of the unfolding story of the 45 students as they embark upon their entrepreneurial journey.

For many students this is their final MBA subject and I am quite curious to see how well their theory will translate into practice as they come into contact with the acid test of real world customers.

Video content of the Lecture Series has been compiled by independent film maker Luke Goodall.  You can read more about Luke and his team here.

Jane Pfeifer
Melbourne, September 2012


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