Our opening pitch

Our story

I’d like to tell you about a friend of mine, Henry. Henry woke up last week Monday, as one tends to do. He got ready for work, stumbled into the kitchen only to find that the electricity bill for this quarter had arrived and it was shocker.

More than a week has since passed but the monster bill still haunts Henry. Henry can’t help but feel he has no recourse against this electricity bill, the logical part of his conscience feels frustrated because he can’t tell what is running up the costs.

Henry, and many like Henry, has shown us that there is a gap between energy metering and the end consumer’s engagement with their energy consumption. We aim to help.

We plan on implementing a user friendly website that will interface with a network of devices in your house making the monitor and control of power hungry appliances accessible to every day users, like Henry and myself.

Now for the technical bit

We plan on addressing this need with a Zigbee connected mesh servicing 150 households connected to a 3G attached collection station (Zigbee coordinator) relaying various consumption and miscellaneous bits of information to cloud based service exposed initially via web but in the longer term via mobile specific deployed applications.

For information of Zigbee visit http://www.zigbee.org/

Our Lecture 4 Presentation

Our Lecture 5 Presentation
(Note rebranding to Empowered Energy.)

Our Lecture 9 Presentation

And our final presentation…


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